Command-line Build and Deploy to the BUG

August 4, 2011

I recently started a new job, and we’re working with the BUG YT from Bug Labs. The primary language for BUG apps is Java, and they helpfully provide libraries for interacting with all of the available hardware modules as OSGi services.

The recommended development environment is their Dragonfly SDK, an Eclipse plugin. It provides shortcuts for creating new BUG applications with the proper build configuration and ways to deploy to either a physical BUG or a virtual BUG simulator.

Try as I might, I’ve never been able to have a positive relationship with Eclipse - it boils down to the fact that the least important thing in any workspace view seems to be the code itself. I’ve paried Eclipse with Eclim so I can code in Vim but take advantage of plugins like Dragonfly, but the complicated setup is dragging my little work laptop down.

Building with Maven

The last few times I had to use Java, I found Maven to be a good command-line alternative to the build features of Eclipse. I’ve created a Maven archetype and a small deploy script that can replicate some of the important features of the Dragonfly SDK on the command line - no mouse required.

The code for the bug-archetype is available on GitHub, where I’ve also written up more detailed installation instructions. There’s not much to the archetype itself - the trickiest part was finding an existing OSGi bundle archetype that fit my needs and adding in the Bug Labs libraries.

This is the first archetype I’ve made, and I’m a little rusty on the internals of Maven, so if you have trouble I’d be happy to work through it with you - just file an issue in the GitHub project.